About The Sideline Perspective

Who doesn’t love game day?  Race day?  Competition day? The anticipation, the exhilaration, the ups and downs of tough losses and comeback wins. The best days are when you feel invincible, like you could play the sport you love forever. But the truth is, our days as competitive athletes are numbered, and whether by fate, choice, or injury, the clock on our careers eventually runs out. When it does, we find ourselves asking “what next?” Without sports to drive our path and purpose, the “real world” can be a scary place to navigate.

It’s time we start navigating it together.

The Sideline Perspective was born out of a desire to connect injured and retired athletes as they explore the many ways to answer the questions “what next?” and “who am I?” outside athletics.

THE MISSION: to foster community through a platform where individuals are empowered to reflect on their experience stepping away from competitive sport.

THE VISION: to serve this community by facilitating connection among members and building resources that make an impact on the way current and future athletes transition to a new perspective on sports in their life.

The Community – The Sideline Perspective community is committed to supporting each other as “Total Teammates” … what does this mean?

Being a Total Teammate comes with an understanding that our value comes from who we are, not what we do. It is a recognition that our experiences, challenges and triumphs, have helped us grow and added to who we are as people. We appreciate that we’re teammates in all aspects of life – on the field, in the workplace, in our communities – and rise to the challenge of supporting those around us in whatever capacity we’re able. We know that our story matters, and we’re on a mission to let others know theirs does too.


Get involved – join our growing group of story contributors as they reflect on what their time on the sideline has meant to them. Was there a certain aspect of your transition that was difficult? Unexpected? Rewarding?

Whatever your perspective, your story matters.  Check out the ‘Your Story’ page for more on how to submit.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Mackenzie – or as my friends and teammates call me, Mac.

I’m a recent graduate of Dartmouth College where I majored in psychology and played both ice hockey and rugby. Like many of you, competitive sports have been a core part of who I am. I’ve spent the majority of my life as a multi-sport athlete, and have found myself on the sideline on multiple occasions: the first when I finished my collegiate hockey career, closing a twelve-year chapter of my life, and the second when I broke my collarbone playing rugby.

Both times I felt isolated, frustrated, and lost. It wasn’t easy trying to figure things out on my own, but as I talked with teammates and friends I came to realize I wasn’t the only one feeling alone and confused on the sideline. The more I started the conversation, the more questions came up on how we should navigate everyday things like diet and exercise, as well as the bigger topics like identity, purpose, and self-growth outside of our sports.

I started The Sideline Perspective as a way to bring us together – both as athletes and people – to create a supportive community for answering these questions. I see it as a place where individuals can share inspiration, support, advice, and the real highs and lows of their transitions.

I’m 23, still training to play rugby competitively, and trying to figure out most other things in my life like getting a “real job”, finding ways to travel, and learning how to cook for myself. I’ve found there is no one way to define success in life outside of sports, and while none of us are experts, we don’t have to have it all figured out yet for our stories to matter. I believe every perspective is valuable and whether our paths are similar or different, we can support one another as we explore new chapters of our lives.

I say we learn, we try, we fail, and we succeed – together!


Mackenzie St. Onge '17